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JA BAL optical and dental in Algodones  in Algodones  JA-BAL optica y dental         dentists

JA-BAL optica y dental

Address:B ave B y 2ND ST LOS ALGODONES B.C
City: Algodones
Phone: PH.01152(658)517-3331

Words:JA BAL optical and dental in Algodones Visit Los Algodones Mexico in Algodones dentists JA-BAL optica y dental

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Comment: I was recommended by a friend from Las Vegas to go to Ja Bals to have my wife teach done I was very sceptical at first unti we visited the site. The service was outstanding Dr Mario is probably one of the best dentist my wife has every encountered She had all of her teeth capped with very little pain. At the me time I had 2 pairs of glasses made while I waited once again I was not disappointed. Would I go again absolutely. I hope this helps Doug and Melinda Edmonton Ab.
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Comment: About a week ago I have my eyes tested at your facility and bought a pair of glasses. Could you please send me the script for the glasses via email.
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Comment: Is Dr. Chavez still with you?
Reply Ja Bal . Date:2016-12-19 13:20:12
HI..Mr. Larry..thank you contact us.. sendme please you phone number and I need to know the day appoiment
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Comment: Would like an appointment with Dr Jackie in Los Algodonas-- I have been to see her a few years ago. Please let me know if dec15 @ 9am will be OK
Reply Ja Bal . Date:2016-12-12 17:35:52
Mr. Barry you appoiment is ready DEC. 15 2016 ...9-00 oclock. thankyou.

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