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Address:A Ave. between 2nd. Street and 3rd. Street, Suite 6, Plaza Gisela
City: Algodones
Phone: 011 52 (658) 517 3310
Office Hours: 8:00 am- 4:00 pm l-v y sabados de 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Comments for Baja Vision Care Optical

1.- Date:
Comment: I was wondering if you could email me a receipt for my glasses $120.00
2.- Date:
Comment: I prefer email as I do not do well over the phone. My girlfriend Sandra Reyes got reading glasses from you yesterday Aug 11. She is in need of bifocals as she is both near and far-sighted. She wants to know the cost of a new exam and whether or not she can use the frames she just purchased yesterday for new lenses with bifocals. She is looking for a total cost quote for new bifocal lenses. One option with bifocals that are visible and then a quote for the option of having the invisible bifocals if you do that. Thank you.
3.- Date:
Comment: I was scammed by your company two years ago and I am still trying to get satisfaction. I spent $270 US$ on a pair of glasses that have a bad prescription. Evidently Francisco who is the owners son is no longer in charge of Baja Vision. He took me $270 for a pair of sunglasses and claimed that because I needed polarization in them I have a bad case of Glaucoma making sunglasses crucial Baja would have to send the glasses out-of-town and they would mail them to me. I had done this with another company in Algodones and the other company sent the glasses within 2 weeks. Baja promised I would have my $270 glasses in two weeks but it took more like 2 months and a LOT of calls. When I finally received the glasses THE PRESCRIPTION WAS WRONG Trying to look through them actually causes a bit of nausea I complained over the phone I live 3000 miles away Francisco pretended her wasnt there and when he was he pretended he couldnt speak English making me explain everything in my pigeon Spanish. Finally he told me to send the glasses back which I did and a few months later they came back to me with the SAME BAD PRESCRIPTION I only go to Algodones once a year if that. I returned with the glasses yesterday in the box they mailed them in and now they tell me they cant do anything because I dont have my receipt. The transaction took place two years ago but of course they dont have my receipt. This company doesnt even keep records on a computer. Theres no sign of a computer in this dinky little place. I would warn anyone and everyone from doing business with this company. Every time I walk in they have someone different behind the desk. It appears to be the kind of company that doesnt hold on to people. I should have been warned when they took me to a different optometrists office when it was time for my eye exam. When I said I wanted to speak to the owner she was on two weeks vacation. Later when I asked exactly when she would be back the answer was I have no idea. Your boss doesnt tell you when she will be back from vacation? No. Yes and I have a bridge I could sell you. Im always telling my East Coast friends most who have never been to Mexico how delightful the Mexican people are. Ill try to remember that while I wait for Maria Jesus Ayala to call me. Be careful before doing business with this company. As my dad taught me forewarned is forearmed
4.- Date:
Comment: Are you open Sunday?
5.- Date:
Comment: We are considering coming down to Yuma and want to know about getting eye and dental apps. Do we need them or do we just walk in? If we order glasses when are they available for pickup?
6.- Date:
Comment: Would like to book appointments for my husband and myself. We will be at Baja Dental this Monday the 24th and would like to be seen for exams please.

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