If you have any questions , complaints or want to improve some of the city , its services, dental clinics or dentist congratulate some , you lose something or require some kind of special information , this is the place .

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Comment: will be in Algodones next week. How much is Jardiance 25mg. Do I need a prescription.
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Comment: I am traveling next week to Algodones an Im looking to purchase sleeping pills for Insomia. Is there anything I can get over the counter that may help me sleep. Please comment.
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Comment: Request Price on Lyrica pregabalin 100mg for 90day supply.
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Comment: how much is Advair Disc
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Comment: how much is Advair Disc
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Comment: Trying to locate Dr. Miguel Escobar DDS
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Comment: can I buy antibiotics and have them sent to my address in central point Oregon for my animals
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Comment: I am looking for info on artridol for arthritus and lantus for diabetes.
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Comment: My sister and I need to come there for dentistry we only have Arizona drivers license and birth certificate is that ok to cross the border
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Comment: Im looking for lidocaine cream 7 percent or more. do you sell any
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Comment: Fluconazole 200mg
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Comment: Do you sell phentermine 15 30 or 37.5mg. Price for 30 or 90 please
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Comment: Do you sell Stelara if yes how much
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Comment: Im inquiring about the price and availability of Celebrex 200mg. Im interested in the price of both the Pfizer and the generic. Count of 400 capsules. Thanks you.
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Comment: Do you have a medication called Apriso 0.375grams
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Comment: Do you carry the medication for nausea called cerenia
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Comment: Do the purple pharmacies take master card credit csrds
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Comment: Do you carry Oxazepam
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Comment: Do you carry Accutane and what doses
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Comment: Is the purple pharmacy open on Saturday Christmas eve
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Comment: looking for a dentist for cleaning and porcelain crown
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Comment: I am interested in getting hearing aid for my husband. Do you have a price list
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Comment: I am staying in Arizona for 6 months. Could yoy please tell me if you sell the following prescriptions. Pregabalin Tylenol 3 Prevacid Amitriptyline. Could you please include the cost. Thank you
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Comment: Looking for VID cloruro de magnesio can you ship to the US My husband needs 20 per day. Thanks
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Comment: I am looking for contact information on the Purple Pharmacy in Los Algodones. Website phone number. I live in Arizona.
Reply www.algodones.mx. Date:2016-08-24 16:03:56
Hello the liquismexico.mx website USA Phone 480 745 1785
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Comment: How do I order prescriptions online
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Comment: voy a viajar manana muy temprano comuniquese conmigo antes de las 8 si es posible queria saber cuanto me ahorro alli en su clinica como dice chip ya hice una cita a otro lugar pero si alli encuentro mejor precio me quedo alli con ustedes.
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Comment: I am looking for a drug store information and how to get to their websites.
Reply algodones.mx. Date:2016-05-09 21:55:08
Hello the purple pharmacy your website is www.liquismexico.com
Reply www.algodones.mx. Date:2016-05-09 21:57:52
Hello the purple pharmacy your website is www.liquismexico.com
Reply Stacy Hoover. Date:2016-07-26 12:06:45
Do you carry Levimere flex touch injectible. How do I find out
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